Rokugan 101

Terms to Know:

Shugenja: Samurai priest/spellcaster.

Bushi: Samurai warrior.

Daimyo: Samurai lord who has other samurai pledged to his service.

Daisho: The set of swords that are the symbols of the samurai class. The daisho consists of a katana and a wakizashi.

Kansen: The evil spirits from the Shadowlands that power blood magic.

The Shadowlands: Land to the south of Rokugan. The Shadowlands are filled with twisted, evil creatures, trolls, ogres, and all forms of oni. It is not unusual for people to be corrupted by the darkness of the Shadowlands, this is called the Taint. Jade protects against corruption

Maho: blood magic. Maho practitioners use blood to fuel their spells, drawing power from the Shadowlands.

Ronin: Samurai who has lost or abandoned his family and clan affiliation.

Seppuku: The act of ritual suicide.

Yojimbo: A bodyguard.

Yoriki: The deputies of a magistrate, usually samurai.

Jade: Protects against the Shadowlands taint.

Factions of Rokugan:

The Dragon Clan: The Dragon are the most mysterious clan. Their founder, Kami Togashi, retreated into the mountains with his followers, and they have had limited contact with the Empire since. The Dragon Clan are mystics. The warriors of the clan practice a unique two-sword fighting style using both parts of the daisho, and are familiar with the techniques of the magicians. There are three orders of tattooed monks, whose tattoos grant special powers, and the shugenja (magicians) are more familiar with weapons than most. The Dragon shugenja also do not use healing magic, because the clan is so adept at healing with herbs.

The Crab Clan: The Crab Clan are the defenders of the Empire. Their lands are in the southwest, where the Empire borders the Shadowlands. Crab warriors patrol the Great Carpenter Wall, fighting to defend the Empire from the evil that lies beyond the wall. The Crab value duty above all things, including social niceties and even honor. The Crab Clan’s preferred weapon is the tetsubo.

The Mantis Clan: The Mantis clan was not created by Kami. It was the first minor clan, and was started by a member of the Crab Clan who was denied leadership. They make their home on the islands off the coast of Rokugan. Even though they are now a Great Clan, the Mantis are often seen as pirates.

The Crane Clan: The Crane are the artisans of the empire. Their warriors are master duelists, and many of their women have been Empresses.

The Phoenix Clan: The Phoenix clan are the scholars and magicians of Rokugan.

The Scorpion Clan: The Scorpion Clan are called the Emperor’s Underhand. They are known to be manipulative, and are allegedly spies and assassins.

The Unicorn Clan: The Unicorn clan left the Empire for 800 years to explore. They returned 300 years ago. Consequently, they are more heavily influenced by gaijin cultures than other clans.

The Celestial Order

The Emperor: The Son of Heaven is the final arbiter of law, tradition, and religion in the Empire.

The Samurai: The samurai class is the top of the social order.

The Emerald Champion: Responsible for dispensing the Emperor’s justice. Emerald Magistrates serve under the Emerald Champion.

The Jade Champion: Polices all illegal use of magic, particularly maho, or blood magic. The Jade Champion has Magistrates and Inquisitors who serve under him.

Rokugan 101

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